Work License

If you have been charged with a drink driving or drug driving offence you may be able to apply for a Work Licence.

A work Licence allows you to drive during the disqualification period that will be imposed by the Court. However, you can only drive for your means of earning an income. Plainly put, driving for work only. This licence does not permit you to drive for personal or any other domestic reason. The court will also place other conditions on the licence as it sees fit.

You can apply for a Work Licence if you:

  • Held a current QLD open driver licence;
  • Were not driving for your job;
  • You were not already driving under a Work Licence;
  • In the last five (5) years you have not been convicted anywhere of a drink driving offence (including failing to provide a specimen of blood or breath)
  • In the last five (5) years you have not been suspended or disqualified from holding a driver’s licence;
  • Your blood alcohol level (BAC) was below 0.15;
  • If you have a drug driving offence – the charge is driving with a relevant drug in your system NOT Driving Under the Influence – Drug Driving

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