If you have been charged with a criminal offence the police will do one the following:

  • Give you a Complaint and Summons (generally in the mail) or Notice to Appear;
  • Give you Watch-house Bail; or
  • Produce you before a Magistrate who will decide to give you bail or not.

Complaint and Summons / Notice to Appear (NTA)

If the police give you a Complaint and Summons or NTA, you are not actually on Bail until you appear in Court on the date mentioned and apply to be granted Bail on your own undertaking. The magistrate or Judge will then decide to give you Bail or not – generally, if the police have given you a NTA, is very likely you will be given Bail.

Watch-house Bail

If the Police give you Watch-house Bail, you sign the bail undertaking at the police station and you will be then released but on the conditions of the undertaking.

Court Bail – Where the Police Object to Bail

If the police object to your Bail, you will be produced before a Magistrate where you can apply for Bail.

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