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Ashkan Tai lawyers are a well-established and respected local law firm and we are able to represent you if you have been charged with drug offences in Queensland

New South Wales.

We understand that drug offences can vary widely in complexity and severity. Drugs charges can influence your standing in the community and your ability to work. Choosing the right lawyer can make a large impact on the outcome of your case and your personal reputation.

The Queensland government provides information about the different types of drug offences in the Queensland region.

The first factor that influences the severity of drug charges is the type of drug involved. Schedule 1 drugs include amphetamines, LSD, ecstasy and heroin. Offences relating to these drugs often carry harsher penalties, including lengthy custodial sentences. Schedule 2 drugs include cannabis, barbiturates and morphine. Offences related to these drugs are also taken very seriously but may attract slightly less severe penalties.

Common drug offences include possession or supply of illegal drugs, trafficking or cultivating/producing illegal drugs, publishing or possessing information about how to make drugs, possession of things (paraphernalia), and permitting a place to be used for a drug offence.

How To Choose A Lawyer For Drug Offences in Queensland

New South Wales

When you choose a lawyer, you should make sure they have a strong history of representation in Queensland drugs-related cases. Their experience should also come with a solid understanding of the Queensland court system, along with an excellent reputation.

When you meet with your lawyer be sure to ask for examples of previous clients who have been successfully defended by the firm. Asking about previous results should demonstrate the experience and success of the team.

Your chosen lawyer should also be prepared to defend you regardless of the plea entered, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

Lawyers that focus on drug offences in Queensland should have an in-depth understanding of this complex legal area, including types of charges and other factors that can influence a case. An excellent lawyer will inspect every element of the case to find proof of mishandled evidence collection by police, for example.

Why Choose Ashkan Tai Lawyers When Faced With A Drug Charge?

Ashkan Tai Lawyers have successfully defended many drugs-related charges in Queensland courts, and can show you examples of cases similar to yours. We have over a decade of experience in drug charges and we are confident that we know how the prosecution system works.

We will provide you guidance about how to obtain the best possible results for your specific case. There are many factors that can influence the outcomes of a drug charge, and we will offer suggestions for you to gather supporting documents such as character references and the like.

We have a lot of experience within the Queensland

New South Wales court system and are confident that we can navigate it with you. We are familiar with prosecutors and procedures and use our understanding to secure a strong record of defending drug offences in Queensland. We are also confident that our services are offered at a fair and competitive rate.

If you are concerned about the complexity or potential outcome of drug charges, please get in touch today.

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