Domestic Violence (Including Strangulation And Choking)

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Dealing with domestic violence in the court system can be intimidating and challenging. Choosing the right lawyer can make a significant difference to your experience and outcome in court.

Domestic and family violence charges relate to violence or abuse in intimate personal, familial or informal care relationships. Domestic violence may include physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or economic abuse. These abuses may be threatened or carried out, and are conducted with the intent to coerce, control or instil fear in the victim. Domestic violence is considered an aggravating factor when sentencing is carried out.

Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) are issued by a magistrate to restrict the movements or behaviours of an abusive person, in order to provide safety to a person or family. The police may apply for a DVO, or a person may ask a lawyer to apply for one or review the conditions of the order.

In 2017, Queensland implemented a new criminal offence relating to acts of non-fatal choking and strangulation in domestic violence situations. If a person is convicted of this charge of non-fatal strangulation or suffocation in a domestic violence setting they may face a maximum of 7 years imprisonment.

How To Choose A Lawyer For Domestic Violence Offences

The lawyer you choose should have a great deal of experience in dealing with domestic violence cases within the Queensland legal system. The lawyer should have a strong track record of obtaining positive outcomes for clients. You can ask your lawyer for examples of previous cases to understand their experience and successes.

The laws surrounding domestic violence in Queensland have recently changed. Your lawyer should be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the new laws and be able to present your case in the most effective light.

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Ashkan Tai Lawyers have been a fixture within the Queensland local court system for over a decade. The team is well-known, well-respected and very familiar with the workings of the courts. Ashkan Tai Lawyers have a long record of successfully representing clients with cases relating to domestic violence.

When you work with us, we will provide you the best guidance in order to put your case forward in the clearest possible light. We may be able to help arrange testimonials, character references and other supporting documents that could help your case.

We can offer an experienced team, a strong track record and competitive rates for our services. We understand that domestic violence cases are sensitive, and we work with the utmost discretion and respect throughout the process.

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