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What is Contravention of Orders?

Have you or the other party contravened an existing court order relating to property or parenting matters?

The person in contravention, must have:

  • Failed to comply with court’s order intentionally; or

  • Made no reasonable efforts to comply with the court’s order.


However, in some cases, a party accused of contravention of a court order may be excused for having a genuine reason for non-compliance. This includes:

  1. The party contravened the court order because they did not understand the obligations imposed by the order.

  2. The court found the respondent to have a genuine excuse for contravention.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Contravention of a Court Order?

So whether you are a respondent to a contravention case or a applicant, you will need legal assistance to establish whether there is a valid excuse for contravening or not. Our lawyers have years of experience in contravention in parenting and property orders cases.

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