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Defining De Facto Relationships

If you live in Australia and have been in a committed relationship with a partner (same-sex or opposite), Australian Law recognizes you being in a de facto relationship. Here are some of the main factors that classify your relationship as de facto. These include:

  • If you have lived together for a minimum of 2 years on a genuine domestic basis or you share a child

  • Was or is registered state of Territory’s prescribed law

  • You are not married

  • You are not related by family


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Your Rights in De Facto Relationship

While you are not married, your de facto rights will generally be equivalent to a married couple’s rights.


Knowing your entitlements as a partner in a de facto relationship does not have to be complicated. Our trusted lawyers can help you understand and resolve your concerns, no matter your situation. 

We offer various legal services and advice on de facto relationships and associated matters. You can rest assured as we make the entire process easy for you and help you understand all aspects of the law and your legal rights and entitlements.

Factors Considered in a De Facto Relationship 

Here are some of the court’s factors in de facto relationships cases.

  • Any indirect and direct financial contributions by either partner

  • Any non-financial contributions, i.e., contributions made by a person towards family welfare or in the capacity of parent or homemaker.

  • Length of the relationship

  • income capacity, age, and state of health

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