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Facing stealing or fraud charges can be upsetting and can cause great concern. Stealing offences and fraud offences in Queensland

New South Wales can be complex. Ashkan Tai Lawyers can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

The charges related to stealing or fraud offences in Queensland

New South Wales are influenced by the value of goods or services in question, and the manner in which they were taken.

Shoplifting is a criminal offence. It may include taking items from a store (or eating/drinking products in the store) without paying but can also include eating in a restaurant and leaving without paying or swapping price tags to pay a lesser price. If the value of the items stolen is less than $150, a fine of up to $756.90 may be imposed. If the value of the items is more than $150, the charges may be upgraded to stealing, which carries a maximum 5-year prison sentence.

If the theft is considered to be aggravated (having, or pretending to have a weapon, physically harming a person in order to steal), the maximum penalty increases to 14 years in prison.

Burglary is the act of illegally entering a private residence in order to steal and it also carries a maximum 14-year prison sentence. However, if the burglary is aggravated or happens at night, the maximum sentence becomes life imprisonment.

Fraud involves obtaining goods or services through deception and dishonesty. Giving false information to Centrelink in order to obtain benefits is fraud. These offences carry a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

How To Choose A Lawyer For Stealing Or Fraud Offences in Queensland

New South Wales

Your chosen lawyer should have a great deal of experience and success within the Queensland court system.

The lawyer should be able to demonstrate a proven track record of successful outcomes for previous clients. Seek out a lawyer who is happy to show you evidence of past results.

Your lawyer should be able to advise you about pleas. If you do decide to enter a plea of guilty, your lawyer will work to negotiate an outcome that’s most favourable to you.

Shoplifting, stealing and fraud offences can be complex, and the outcome of the case depends on many factors. An experienced lawyer should be able to identify any possible flaws in the prosecutor’s case and use them to an advantage.

Why Choose Ashkan Tai For A Fraud Or Theft Charge?

Ashkan Tai Lawyers have successfully defended many theft and fraud cases in more than a decade of work in the Queensland

New South Wales court system.

Because we deeply understand the legal system, we can provide the best information about documentation you can source to strengthen your case. We may also be able to assist in sourcing these documents if required.

Because we have a wealth of experience and knowledge, we are confident we can offer you a comprehensive service with competitive rates.

Fraud or stealing charges can affect your livelihood. We understand how important this is, and we will work hard to defend your case. For more information about fraud offences or stealing offences in Queensland

New South Wales, please get in touch.

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