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What Is Meant By Family Dispute Resolution?

Family dispute resolution refers to a process in which family dispute resolution practitioners facilitate structured support and communication to the parties involved in a conflict. The practitioner helps them reach some agreement concerning the issue that arises from their separation or divorce. It serves as a platform for parties to discuss important matters during or after a breakup and what steps they wish to take moving forward for dispute resolution.

Usually, most couples want to negotiate their parenting and property arrangements out of court. Also, it has become mandatory for the parties to attempt to resolve their disputes before going to court. This is the most effective and considerably less stressful way to finalise your property and parenting matters during or after separation.

Only in a few instances does law exempt you from undergoing the Family Dispute Resolution process. Our knowledgeable and experienced family lawyers can serve as a facilitator to help you negotiate with the other party and arrive at some mutually agreed upon terms and conditions regarding parenting and financial matters.

Understand the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Process

The family dispute resolution is a pre-action that the parties involved in the dispute should undertake before taking their parenting matter to the family court. The process of family dispute resolution involves the following steps:

  • Family dispute resolution counselling by a qualified FDR practitioner
  • Identification of the issue that needs resolution
  • Both parties should listen patiently to each other’s point of view without interrupting
  • Each party presents any information relevant to the conflict
  • Exploration of ideas or options for conflict resolution
  • Testing all possible solutions
  • Documenting the decisions and agreement

Once both parties reach the agreement, they can formalise it in the following ways:

  • Binding financial agreement
  • Parenting plan
  • Consent order

We have extensive experience in handling family dispute resolution matters. Our qualified and professional FDR practitioner can guide you and help you find acceptable solutions to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. In case of successful issue resolution, you can accomplish a Parenting Order or Parenting Plan.

Benefits of FDR (Family Dispute Resolution)

  • It helps you minimise your expenses
  • Provides rational insights into the situation
  • Provides reasonable suggestions to reach a solution
  • Both parties can exercise better control over the results of the situation
  • Promotes better communication between you and your former partner
  • Improves your co-parenting relationship while moving forward
  • You can move on with your life

What to do If the Matters Don’t Resolve?

If the matters between you and the other party don’t resolve as intended even after Family Dispute Resolution sessions, a Section 601 Certificate will be issued to you. You can file this certificate with your application to request initiation of your case regarding parenting matters in court.

At our family law firm, we can act as facilitators or refer you to an experienced family dispute resolution practitioner. If you are unable to resolve the matter through this process, we can also help you start formal case proceedings in the court.

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