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Your trusted, compassionate and experienced Family Lawyers

We protect and put your interest first

Ashkan Tai Lawyers is a premium law firm with extensive experience in handling a diverse range of family law cases. We provide proactive and professional family law services that you can confidently trust. Our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers helps you make informed and correct decisions in your and your family’s best interest. Whether you need legal help for your child custody case, divorce, family violence, or property settlement case, we have you covered.

Working in Your Best Interest

Family law cases are combative and need keen attention. They often involve lots of emotions and stress. In many situations, people need to deal with family matters head-on to prevent disputes or protect their interests or finances. Our passionate and dedicated lawyers work as your confidant, understanding your unique needs, situation and emotions while building a level of trust.

Having trusted support by your side and an action plan lowers your anxiety and stress regarding your situation.  We provide excellent representation with the right advice that helps you achieve outcomes in your best interest. Choosing us for your family law matters means that your case is in safe hands!

Free Consultation
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How Can We Help You?

As an established law firm in the region, we are committed to providing the highest quality advice and services that help you resolve your family matters. We offer tailored and comprehensive yet pragmatic advice focused on resolving the issue. We first help you explore your options through negotiation and mediation because we want to save your family. But if things don’t work out, we can help you file your application in court and provide strong support throughout the process.

We try our best to get you on the least emotional and most cost-effective pathway to accomplish your goals. Our expert team of lawyers provides robust assistance for all family matters that arise due to separation and/or divorce.​

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